The roads are never as safe as you’d like them to be. Each year there are millions of traffic collision deaths in the world which equates to one person being killed every 25 seconds from car related accidents.



Even if you take all the precautions for safe driving, there is always a chance of you getting involved in a motor vehicle accident. In the event of an accident, it is often difficult for drivers to recall the crucial details surrounding the accident due to the shock and stress caused by the event.



A DASH CAM plays a critical role of a reliable witness to protect the disturbed driver from a possibility of unjustified liability. With an in-car dashboard camera, you can rest assured that you have a dependable, silent companion with you at all times on your journey.



THINKWARE Dash Cam Mobile Viewr is your convenient go-to-app for easy access to your Thinkware Dash cam. Save the hassle of going back home to know what you have recorded, check them on your phone.


Manage your Dash cam with Wi-Fi, view video real-time and download or delete videos on your smart phone with this Mobile App today.



In this age of gadget overload, the last thing you would want is to worry about turning on yet another electrical device in your car. The DASH CAM automatically powers on and begins its video recording upon starting the ignition of your car, ensuring all crucial details will be captured in the event of an incident.



CMOS Image Sensors allow constant front and rearview Full 1080p HD resolution recording during both daytime and nighttime along with a 140-degree wide angle lens view.


This will minimize blind spots to assure recording of all events without fail.



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